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    UltraShape – the newest device offering a painless way to get rid of fat

    UltraShape is the non-surgical body-shaping procedure that selectively destroys fat cells

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    To attain a better figure without the risks and downtime that accompany traditional liposuction surgery, consider UltraShape treatments.

    UltraShape is a unique, cutting-edge, FDA-approved body-contouring procedure that can reduce target areas by entire inches. Areas that can be treated include the thighs, back, flanks, and abdomen.

    UltraShape treatments are non-invasive and completely non-surgical. During the procedure, a handpiece is placed against a target area. Focused pulses of high-intensity ultrasound energy are then applied. UltraShape’s 3D guidance system allows for even treatment, leading to results that look smooth and natural.

    The pulsed energy disrupts the membranes of fat cells in the subcutaneous fat layer, and their contents are broken down and carried through the body to the liver, where they are disposed of naturally. As a result of the treatment, the patient’s lymphatic system activity and blood circulation are also boosted. This speeds up the process of sending the cell contents to the liver.

    UltraShape targets fat cells without burning or otherwise damaging any of the other cells. Nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels are all unharmed. This makes UltraShape one of the safest plastic surgery procedures. It’s also a reason why there is no pain associated with the treatments, only a slight warmth or tingling sensation.

    Each treatment will take around sixty minutes or less. When you’re done with a treatment, you’ll be able to return to your normal routine immediately. No downtime is needed, and there is no bruising.

    Results are long-lasting and will typically appear in around two to four weeks. During this time, the body is disposing of the broken-down fat cells. Three treatments are ideal for attaining the results you’ve been looking for, and each treatment is spaced around two weeks apart.

    If you’re interested in non-invasive body-contouring procedures such as UltraShape, contact us for an appointment at the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery.

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