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    unspecified 14 201x300 - truSculptMany people have trouble getting rid of stubborn fat deposits on their bodies. For those who do not want to deal with the risks and recovery time associated with surgery, truSculpt is available.

    Unlike other fat-cell-reduction procedures, truSculpt is non-invasive. Because of this, it involves no necessary healing from surgery. There are no needles or scalpels. Instead, truSculpt uses radio frequency technology to heat the tissues and reduce fat.

    The truSculpt energy treatment feels comfortable and gentle. The radio frequency machine’s settings are adjustable, so if there is too much heat, it can be turned down to the patient’s liking. And because the treatment will not cause you pain, you won’t need any topical anesthetics, skin cooling, or gels beforehand. No anesthesia will be needed, meaning less risk than with other procedures. Pain medication will not be necessary afterwards.

    Not only will truSculpt cut down on those trouble areas, it also causes a temporary reduction in the look of cellulite and tightens skin tissues to provide firmer skin for patients. TruSculpt can target numerous trouble areas, including the buttocks, chin, upper back, thighs, stomach, arms, and love handles. All skin types will work with truSculpt, so pigmentation alteration issues should not be a concern.

    A truSculpt treatment takes an hour or less to perform. Your plastic surgeon will use the truSculpt handpiece to target the trouble area with a deep-heat radio frequency energy pulse. This heat reaches the subcutaneous fat layer, destroying the fat cells. Around four minutes will be spent on each energy pulse.

    Two to four treatments are typical for most patients. It’s recommended that you wait four to eight weeks between each treatment. Patients begin to notice fat reduction and other results in around four weeks after the procedure. In around 12 weeks, the process will be complete.

    Learn more about how truSculpt can provide aesthetic enhancement with a trip to Doctors Burton Sundin and Reps Sundin. The Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery’s MBody center is here to provide high-quality non-invasive body contouring.

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