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    Facelift Surgery Before And After Photos

    See Facelift Surgery Before and After Photos

    Facelift plastic surgery before after photos 1524x630 - Facelift Surgery Before And After PhotosRhytidectomy or facelift is a cosmetic surgery that helps in improving the appearance of loose skin and sagging muscles on the face. During the pre-operative consultation, your treatment provider will show facelift before and after pictures to the patients for enabling them to understand the potential results of the surgery.

    The primary goal of any dedicated surgeon is to help patients understand the procedure and make a conscientious decision. Facelift ‘before and after’ photographs play an important role in this process.

    The Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery and Modern Body Contouring & Laser Center, led by board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Burton M. Sundin and Dr. Reps B. Sundin, provide facelift surgery to patients in greater Washington DC area.

    Understanding Facelift Before and After Images

    Before and after pictures refer to a group of images that show the successful results of facelift cosmetic surgery performed on prior patients. The pictures are taken at various stages of the procedure and recovery. The set of images will include photographs taken after the post-operative bruising and swelling has subsided. This will help you understand the results in a better way.

    It is vital that surgeons make sure the images are taken only with the consent of the patient. They should show the pictures in a discreet manner so that the identity of the patient remains confidential. The sole reason for the surgeon to show images is to help patients understand benefits and results of the procedure in a better manner.

    Building Personal Rapport and Trust

    Facelift before and after pictures can help treatment providers create a good rapport with patients. Cosmetic surgeons can build trust with patients in an effective manner. The pictures also allow patients to understand how a particular procedure helped others.

    Before and after pictures of facelift plastic surgery provides visual proof to potential patients about the results that can be accomplished from the surgery. It helps in building a relationship of trust and transparency. It also enables patients to develop open communication with the surgeon.

    These images are available to anyone who has access to the internet. Now what that means is that since most people have access to the internet and anyone who’s contemplating this type of surgery most likely does, you can make a pivotal decision without anyone else knowing. Not only are these images amazingly transparent, you can see them multiple times without anyone else knowing since you can see them from anywhere Wi-Fi is available.

    In some ways, the people have more power in today’s world.

    Pictures Speak Louder than Words

    Facelift surgery ‘before and after’ images present the reality in a transparent and effective way. Words may seem confusing and incredulous to the ears. However, images portray true meaning without any ambiguity. They are far more effective at getting the message across clearly. Words can be open to interpretation, but images are not.

    Sometimes, the surgeon may want to say one thing and the patient may understand something else. Images are not limited by barriers of language like words are. They don’t exaggerate or misrepresent the true story. Plastic surgeons should be careful so as not to modify or edit images in any way.

    Digital Pictures on Instagram

    Digital versions of facelift before and after images can be featured by surgeons on their practice website. They can share the same through Instagram as well. The images can be seen by new patients on the web before they decide to schedule a consultation.

    Facelift ‘before and after’ images serve as visual aid to educate patients better when shown as slideshows. Cosmetic surgeons at the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery and Modern Body Contouring & Laser Center receive patients from greater Washington DC area for facelift surgery.

    Contact Washington DC area Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sundin for More Information

    For more information on the surgical and non-surgical procedures and treatments by Board Certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons Dr. Reps Sundin and Dr. Burton Sundin at the Virginia Institute of Plastic Surgery and M Body Contouring and Laser Centerplease visit:

    Serving Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Vienna, McLean, Fairfax, Loudoun County, Ashburn, Tysons Corner, Reston, Arlington, Fredricksburg, Chevy Chase, Potomac, Maryland Richmond, VA and surrounding communities.

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