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    Revision Breast Surgery

    unspecified 2 1 188x300 - Revision Breast SurgeryRevision Breast Surgery – Dr. Burton Sundin & Dr. Reps Sundin, Washington D.C.

    When patients are unhappy with the results of a breast augmentation, they can have them corrected with the help of revision breast surgery. During this procedure, a plastic surgeon is able to adjust the position of breast implants, replace implants with different sizes or types of implant, and more.

    Plastic surgeons can perform revision breast surgery to correct aesthetic issues stemming from a previous augmentation. It can also be used to resolve health complications from a previous augmentation or to update the area to fit the patient’s beauty goals.

    Aesthetic issues may include a rippled look, along with implant migration or improperly placed breast implants, both of which can lead to asymmetrical breasts. Potential health complications to be resolved include ruptured or deflated implants, capsular contracture (a stiff feeling in the breast area due to tightening scar tissue around the implant), and changes in sensitivity. When patients request an update to the area, it’s often because they’re wishing for a larger breast size after seeing the results of their original surgery. A change may also be desired after pregnancy or weight change, which are occurrences that can affect the results of an augmentation.

    The suggested wait time between your original surgery and your revision breast surgery depends on the problem you’re experiencing. Some require quick attention, and others would be better served by first waiting for swelling from the original procedure to dissipate.

    Revision breast surgery can take one to four hours depending on the extent of correction necessary. It will typically be more complex than the augmentation procedure. It’s likely that your original incisions will be used to access the breast area, meaning no new incisions will be created. Once the desired revisions have been accomplished, the incisions will be sealed with medical sutures.

    The breast revision surgery recovery process may be quite similar to the original augmentation recovery process. Swelling can be minimized with a compression bra. If drains have been added, these will be taken out in a few days. Within around 10 days, often fewer, you can come back to get your sutures removed.

    Within a week or two, you’ll be able to go back to work, depending on the type of work. While healing, do not partake in any stressful activities that might cause strain on your tissues.

    Contact the office of Doctors Burton Sundin and Reps Sundin to arrange your revision breast surgery consultation.

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