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    Gummy Bear Implants

    unspecified 3 1 200x300 - Gummy Bear ImplantsGummy Bear Implants – Dr. Burton Sundin & Dr. Reps Sundin, Virginia


    Natrelle 410 or Gummy Bear implants are an alternative to round implants that are closer to the natural shape of a woman’s breast. It has been designed to mirror a woman’s real curves. The Natrelle 410 offers an anatomically shaped silhouette and is made up of cohesive gel filler that has been designed to stay in place. This type of implant has a lower capsular contracture rate in primary augmentation than round silicone filled implants. In the past 7 years, Natrelle 410 implants also have less than 1% wrinkling and/or rippling in primary augmentation. They’ve been engineered to hold their shape over time.

    Deciding which type of implant is dependent on the patient’s preferences. Some women may not like the added firmness of the Natrelle 410 implant. They are also referred to as Gummy Bear implants because of the way the feel outside of the body and when cut, they adhere just as a gummy bear candy would. The feel of your implants is just as important as the shape; therefore, the Natrelle 410 has also been created to feel soft to the touch providing the patient with both the look and feel expected.

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